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Lay friends Initiatives
Tuesday, 12 July 2016 21:52

Amici GA Paraguay

Published in Lay friends Initiatives
La traversata simbolica di una porta ci permette uscire da noi stessi Insieme come Amici di Santa Giovanna Antida di Fernando de la Mora, Paraguay, prima di raggiungere la Porta Santa, abbiamo vissuto un tempo di preghiera e interiorizzazione del mistero della misericordia, approfondendo e vivendo il dono della Riconciliazione. Anche il pellegrinaggio vissuto con alcuni gesti, ci ha aiutato a gustare l’Amore di Dio nelle nostre vite. Abbiamo attraversato…
Thursday, 09 June 2016 17:11

Ciad: N'Djamena - parrocchia S.G.A

Published in Lay friends Initiatives
Da un anno, uno dei vicariati della nostra parrocchia porta il nome di Santa Giovanna Antida - un vicariato è un'unità pastorale dipendente da una parrocchia che sta per diventare una parrocchia, amministrata da un prete vicario di un curato. Quest’anno, in occasione della festa del 23 maggio, i cristiani di questa località hanno deciso di organizzare una grande festa in onore della loro Santa Madre Thouret. Hanno chiesto di…
Thursday, 05 May 2016 21:29

India: Friends of JA

Published in Lay friends Initiatives
In 2010, in India in the presence of sr. Maria Rita, sr. Milady and sr. Jaba in the family of sisters of charity with 10 members around 3'o clock the gathering was started. it had been told to each member that each one should pray for the poor people and there was explanation about the importance of faith, spiritual growth, help the abandoned people and the poor. In the beginning…
Monday, 18 April 2016 17:28

In Syria: with the daring of love

Published in Lay friends Initiatives
  When we had the idea to organise a week-end with the children, friends of Jeanne Antide, we strongly hesitated and the parents, friends and the teachers put some questions …  -         Do you dare to assume the responsibility of these children …and if something happens? -         You are really courageous to take such a responsibility in the actual  situation! -         Personally, I will not send my children ...etc. Yes,…
Thursday, 10 March 2016 13:18

Forget, No !... Forgive, Yes!

Published in Lay friends Initiatives
I am from Syria, I exist, I live, I reflect and I create !     The Buds of Peace are about to blossom and it’s not a hearsay ! Our hearts are going to become white    to stop the flooding of the rivers of blood…  Syria ! Sooner or later, you are going to wake up from this long nightmare ! and celebrate peace while serving champagne ! Let’s hope they are not just…
Sunday, 28 February 2016 00:35

Meeting at Naples

Published in Lay friends Initiatives
An utterly beautiful meeting, based on sharing and reflection was held  Regina Coeli. The topic tackled was “mercy in the Word of God, in the history of the Church and in the life and work of St. Jeanne Antide. The priest, Fr. Nicholas Longobardo dealt with the topic “Merciful like the Father" and gave us hints for reflection, starting from the Word of God. He even gave us very useful information…
Monday, 05 October 2015 20:23

Echoes of the car boot sale 2015-Besançon

Published in Lay friends Initiatives
Echoes of the car boot sale 2015 organised by the Friends of Jeanne Antide in favour of the missions run by the Sisters of Charity   As it happens yearly,  the car boot sale organised by the Friends of Jeanne-Antide in favour of the Missions of the Congregation was held during the last weekend of summer -  Saturday 19th and Sunday 20th September 2015 – in the park of St.…
Thursday, 04 June 2015 11:35

Friends of SJA a pilgrimage

Published in Lay friends Initiatives
Saturday 16th April, the friends of SJA of North Italy organised a pilgrimage to Turin to see the Holy Shroud and then proceed to Tortona where Blessed Nemesia Valle lived for 35 years. When dawn had not yet marked with its pink colour the boundary between the sky and the sea, many friends of SJA hailing from Lombardy, Piedmont,Valle d’Aosta and Liguria and other friends,  (around180) started their itinerary towards…
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