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The 4th Sunday after Easter we always pray for vocations ! Let us recall how Pope Francis pointed out the beautiful values of consecration while addressing religious!

1- Joy

The most important is to be happy, fulfilled and joyful people, because "where there are consecrated people there is joy".  "Wherever there are consecrated people, seminarians, men and women religious, young people, there is joy, there is always joy! It is the joy of freshness, the joy of following Jesus; the joy that the Holy Spirit gives us, not the joy of the world.”[1]

2. The wish to awake the world

The second indication relates to prophecy: "I expect you to “awake the world”, because the note that characterizes consecrated life is prophecy."[2]

3- Consistency

To be joyful witnesses of the Gospel it is necessary to be authentic and consistent. And this is another word that I want to say to you: “authenticity”. Jesus severely reprimanded the hypocrites : hypocrites, those who think within themselves something other than what they say: those who — to say it clearly — are two-faced. To speak of authenticity to young people costs nothing because the young — all of them — have this wish to be authentic, to be consistent. And you are all disgusted when you find among us priests who we are not authentic, or sisters who are not authentic! [3]

4- The desire to change the world !

An authentic faith always involves a profound desire to change the world. Do we also have great vision and impetus? Or are we mediocre and satisfied with our “made in the lab” apostolic programs ? … Pray to desire and aspire to expand the heart.[4]

5- The courage to put charity into practice

The pope expects consecrated women and men « to work concretely in welcoming refugees, drawing near to the poor, and finding creative ways to catechize, to proclaim the Gospel and to teach others how to pray. Consequently, I would hope that structures can be streamlined, large religious houses repurposed for works which better respond to the present demands of evangelization and charity, and apostolates adjusted to new needs. » [5]

6- Fraternity: Men and women of dialogue and communion

« However, in this aspect of friendship and brotherhood there are two extremes : isolation as much as dissipation. Friendship is fraternity that helps me not to fall into either isolation or dissipation. Cultivate friendships, they are a precious good ; however they must not teach you to close yourselves in but to go out of yourselves. A priest or a man or woman religious can never be an island, but must be a person who is always ready to meet others. Friendships moreover are enriched by the different charisms of your religious families. This is a great wealth. Let us think of the beautiful friendships of many of the saints. »[6]

[1] Meeting with Seminarians and Novices, Rome, 6th July 2013.

[2] To the General  Superiors, 29th November 2013.

[3] Meeting with Seminarians and Novices, Rome,  6th July 2013.

[4] HOMILY, Rome, 3rd January 2014.

[5] Apostolic Letter To All Consecrated People On The Occasion Of The Year Of Consecrated Life, 2014.

[6] Meeting with Seminarians and Novices, Rome,  6th July 2013


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