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Saturday, 14 December 2019 18:50

Saturday Mornings 2018-2019 Documents

Video and Documents of the meetings of "Saturday Mornings"

14 December 2019

Prayer of 1812

by Sr Marie Jacqueline Munier

icon Prayer 1821 14 Decembre

icon PPT Prayer 1821

9 November 2019

What reactions were there in Besançon

when Jeanne-Antide got the pontifical approbation of the Rule for her Institute?

by Sr Christiane Decombe

icon Conférence de sr Decombe fr 

icon Diaporama

icon Conference sr Christiane-M. Decombe ING

12 October 2019 

"History of a painting" -  by Sr. Anna Antida Casolino

"The Work of our Forerunners-Sisters" - by Sr. Christine Walczak


icon A painting tells us a story

icon A tribut to our sisters ING

icon PPT A tribute to our sisters


08 June 2019

 Journeying through our Rules of Life

Sr Christine Walczak


 icon Journeying through our rules of life - Conference

icon Journeying through our Rules of Life - PPT

11 May 2019

The Supplication of JA for the Pontifical Approval

Home and Road

 Sr. Paola Arosio

icon 11may-The Supplication-Arosio


13th April 2019 

Sr Christine Walczak

Gallery of portries

icon PPT Galerie de portraits 13 April En

icon Saturday morning 13 Aprile sr Christine W

9 MARCH 2019

suor Paola Arosio 


icon  9 MARCH Arosio4

icon PPT 9 MARCH Arosio4


9 febbraio 2019 - Paola Arosio

icon 9 February 2019 Arosio Paola

icon PPT 9 February 2019 Arosio Paola

12 January 2019 

The foundation of Tagliacozzo - Sister Wanda Maria Clerici

icon PPT Tagliacozzo Foundation WM Clerici

icon Tagliacozzo - WM Clerici in

22 December 2018

Charism and History " The Breath of the wine abd its energetic pressure" Mother Thouret's intention to have the rules and the institutes approved by the Pope (by Sr Paola Arosio)

icon 1- Conf Sr Paola Streaming-INGL2.pdf

icon Lettere di Mgr Narni.pdf


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Thursday, 20 July 2017 11:10

«International month» of formation

From 10th July to 10th August 2017, a group of thirty young Sisters has come together to prepare for their final vows during an  «international month» of formation.

In Rome they walked on the steps of the first apostles and visited the main basilicas; at Pozzaglia-Sabina, they discovered the birth-place of Saint Agostina Pietrantoni; in Borgaro they found Blessed Nemesia Valle, before continuing their journey to Sancey, homeland of Saint Jeanne Antide Thouret, our Foundress.

They come from 14 different countries: Italy (1), Albania (1), Argentina (1), Cameroon (1), Chad  (3), South Sudan (3), Nigeria (1), China (1), India (6), Indonesia (2), Laos (2), Lebanon (1), Pakistan (3), Vietnam (8).

They are led by Sr. Mary Stefanos, General Councillor, and by the international formation team, together with some Sisters helping for the translation in all languages. This time of formation is an opportunity of formation centred on the re-reading of their vocation in the Light of the Word of God and the writings of Saint Jeanne Antide. Sr Nunzia de Gori, Superior General, will also join them, offering lectures on the charism and helping them know better the life of the Congregation and its main features.

This time of spiritual renewal, sharing, deepening is a unique occasion to live together a strong experience of fraternity at an international level. 

All the Sisters and Friends of the Congregation follow their journey of formation, praying that the Lord may enlighten them and grant them the courage to say « Yes » with generosity and be witnesses to the joy of a life totally given to God.

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