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Friday, 09 December 2016 22:53

Fraternal and Intercultural life

In this world marked by conflicts, by the race to power, by different cultural and religious differences… is it still possible to live in peace, in fraternity?  

All the Junior Sisters of the Middle East Province: Egyptians, Ethiopians, Sudanese and Lebanese, could experience once more the usual meeting which was held in Kfour.  Gathered in the name of Jesus Christ, around the topic of

, we have lived, experienced and witnessed that fraternity is possible because charity welcomes the other in his/her difference and goes beyond the barriers of cultures and languages!  

Our encounter started with the intervention of Sr. Pascale, our Superior Provincial and she presented to us fraternal life as a gift.

There followed the retreat, a strong time of a personal encounter with God who desired to meet each one of us intimately while whispering in our heart: « come, climb up the mountain and rest near me ». The spiritual retreat, animated by Father Nader Michel, an Egyptian Jesuit, was a time of grace where the two desires - that of God and ours - met. Our hearts burnt as we listened to the Word of life. This God Love, bent down to revive our fragile humanity and he became small to embrace our human suffering; he touched our deep wounds as he tells each one of us « you are my most beloved daughter ». We were called again to love as Christ himself has loved us: a kind of love that is called daily to be humble, to kneel down so that our life may become somehow Eucharistic, shared and offered in an act of thanksgiving for all the wonders made in us and through us.   

            The second week: a time of formation which strengthened our convictions. 

  Mercy was the background of all our sharing while interculturality was the basis of all our discussions. An intercultural and fraternal community urges us to come out of our closed and rigid mentality and to overcome every sense of discrimination and separation.  

            The joy of the different celebrations: the jubilee of our elderly sisters was followed by the definitive « Yes » of Sr. Aline, this total and unconditional gift to God’s love. We celebrated also the first vows of our dear Novices Grace, Manar and Noha, with all the enthusiasm and the daring of youth. All this has put rhythm to our stay at Kfour.

            For us, Juniors of the Middle East Province, this encounter has been an unforgettable time which has opened our heart and mind a little more to the dimensions of the Congregation, our intercultural Community

We have lived an experience of deep fraternity. The different cultures and languages are no longer a barrier in front of the encounter, because it’s the Spirit who unites us together. It was like a new Pentecost where the language of love and the joy of the encounter had the upper hand.

            We give thanks to God the Father who has called us through His Only Son to consecrate our life in this big family of charity of St. Jeanne Antide, where by the action of the Holy Spirit, we try to live daily in fidelity the initial spirit of our charism.

We thank God for our Mother General, Sr. Nunzia who always listens and is ready to answer the signs of the times. She is utterly attentive and loving towards her sisters.

We thank God for the very special presence of Sr. Mary Stephanos, General Councillor. Her interventions opened us up to the global dimension of our Congregation and everything surely stimulated a particular thought regarding all the Junior Sisters, whom we fraternally greet.

We thank God for our Superior Provincial, Sr. Pascale Khoury, who doesn’t stop in spite of the administrative difficulties and challenges linked to our country’s situation, but she generously encourages us to live this experience. 

Our thanks go also to Sr. Noha Najjar, Sr. Fériale Karam, Sr. Maria Luisa Caruso, Sr. Jackline William and Sr. Fida for their intervention and also for their highly encouraging presence.

A big thank you to all the persons who have given themselves entirely to prepare this encounter, especially our Sr. Jacqueline Karam, who is in charge of the Juniors of our Province, for her continuous concern to help us grow in humanity while configuring us more and more with Christ.

"Lord, we are glad to be here”(Mt 17) But the moment came when we had to reach « our Galilee », where many of our brothers and sisters who haven’t yet seen his glory, await from us a Word of Resurrection”.   Sr. Michele - For the Juniors - Province of the Middle East

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