All over the world

All over the world

In the movement of the Spirit, we are capable like Jeanne Antide, to cross the seas and to go to the ends of the earth «God is there and it’s enough for us!»

The church calls to “spread the Gospel to all corners of the universe and to watch in prayer in view of new wheat!”

Sisters, we who have come, again and always from the European countries, with its heritage of culture and faith, 

We, who belong to the peoples of Africa, from the lively and colored communities, who thirst for the gospel,

We, who arrive from the peoples of Asia, rich with their diversities and their fine traditions, 

We, who come from the immensities of North and South America, struggling for justice, 

We permit that this gospel woman reach us, who in her old age, during the days of Vatican Council II, on opening new times, could still tell to the future sisters! :

« I have always been happy during my long community life. I found everywhere fraternal love, a house, some bread and a bed! If I were to be born again, I would become a religious again and daughter of Mother Thouret in order to render myself useful to my neighbor who ardently desires good, who needs light, consolation and peace ! I feel always more attached to my dear institute and its apostolate which consists only in loving God ! I pray for  modern youths ! »

 Yes, we are happy, sisters of charity, we who today give our hands to the poor,  like many other courageous and faithful women ! We are already holding God’s hand ! « From our heart springs this beautiful poem, I offer my whole life to God! »            

The  charity it is  God’s beautiful name !

«All glory, to Him!»