Walking, in Christ’s footsteps

In the Gospel, in Christ’s footsteps, some women go along the paths, places and countries ! We recognize ourselves in them ! We walk with Him !

So it’s Martha and Mary, adding the  « signs »   and the « Word » to both of them!

At Midday, in the heat of the day, like the Samaritan woman, we are thirsty of living water and hungry of God’s gift !

And he, Jesus, in the Temple’s secret, he can see this woman, who resembles us a lot, offering all that is necessary for her till extreme poverty !

In the morning which became new with the Easter light, he calls us by name and sends us to our brothers !

And then, above all, because she is the biggest in our lives, Mary, we keep the treasure of   « her » words :

« How can  this be ? » « Behold, I am the handmaid of the Lord ! »

And on another day « Do whatever he tells you ! »

He is the Master and Lord ; the seeker of our lives ; we must resemble Him !

« Look only at Him ! » And with Jeanne Antide, become his friends !