Friends of the least and the poor

Friends of the least and the poor, entered the big movement which Saint Vincent de Paul started and taken up again courageously by  Jeanne Antide, after the French Revolution.

 In the peaceful valleys and the woods of the shattered village of Sancey in Franche Comté, in the roving of exiled life leading to numerous dangers, in the poor houses of   Besançon, under the high citadel, under the sky of Savoy, in Italy’s call and today in about twenty seven countries distributed on four continents, we walk in the footsteps of the one who invites us to go with her till the end of the journey, of the pilgrimage, always in search of only God’s will who is loved and served with predilection in the poorest  !

It’s him, the Lord who says again to the heart of each one of us, as a love secret to share with everybody  :

« You saw me today, you welcomed me:I was alone, desperate, foreigner, without document;, you looked after me, I was physically and spiritually sick, you nourished me with bread and friendship, you quenched my thirst from the source of living water, you visited me when I was imprisoned behind the bars.

 In the slums, in the shanty towns, in unpleasant quarters, in the economic kitchens, in the small or big schools where the future lies, in the houses for the elderly and those who live in solitude, you saw me and you see me everywhere !

You came and still come to meet me everywhere and your astonishment remains always new when you recognize me in the poor who are my friends !

Thus your life, their life, becomes prayer, Eucharist   !