Al servizio della missione della Chiesa

At the service of the mission of the Church


In the Spirit who creates the communities in the Church, we exist to make others exist!

An intelligence to understand «history», the situations, today’s challenges in a world which changes radically and very rapidly!

A look in order to discern together with others the paths to imitate.

A heart to listen to those who have no voice.

All that we are in order to serve,  to encounter the poor and the least  !

Who has a passion for God, it’s certainly a passion for man !

Without being always enclosed within only one model, we invent today with our lay brothers and sisters, new forms of presence and service for the world which we love  !

« The poor » Jesus said « Will always be with you ! » But nowadays, irrespective of the  methods and the transitory trends of thought, we remain their servants, with whom we walk gently and silently as we listen to them with our heart. We are the ones to help them become aware of their possibilities and  start interrelating in the networks which don’t depend only on us ! We are those who stir in them the joy that they are loved !      

« Sister, you will always have the necessity to work in order to change the unjust structures, you will have the patience to love, the courage of hope! Time and men’s wills are in God’s hands! Do not be afraid ! » Mother A. Duffet (General Superior : 1969-1980)