as you know in the Diocese of Tivoli, in Pozzaglia Sabina, the mortal remains of Santa Agostina Pietrantoni, of the Sisters of Charity of Santa Giovanna Antida Thouret, are kept.

Especially in this period we are all aware of what Italian nurses and health personnel have done and are still doing for those infected with Covid-19 and we feel gratitude towards them as well as the desire to pray for them and their families.

Now, as is happy custom, also this year on the second Sunday of September – exactly on the 13th – at 11.00, on the main square of Pozzaglia Sabina, while observing all the safety measures that will be prescribed on 13 September, I will celebrate a Saint Solemn Mass in the presence of the Saint’s urn recommending in particular the nurses to her intercession and protection.

At the end of the Holy Mass, as is understandable, this year there will be no procession with the relic of the Saint but only an act of entrustment and blessing.

Those wishing to participate in the Holy Mass, for logistical and organizational reasons, will be able to communicate their presence to the current Parish Administrator of Pozzaglia Sabina, Don Massimo Sebastiani 339/3210192) possibly by 10 September.

Grateful for what you want to do, I take the opportunity given to me to extend a cordial greeting to everyone and best wishes for a peaceful summer

+ Mauro Parmeggiani

Bishop of Tivoli and Palestrina