In preparation for our mission in Albania

The group that is going for voluntary work in Albania this year consists of Sr. Melissa, Isabel, Nicole, Maria, Kayleigh and Claire. We have been preparing for this trip for quite some time now, and even though everyone had their priorities such as work and school, we still managed to make it a fun process while serving the aim of doing fundraising activities towards Albania.

We started the meetings back in April, where we started getting to know each other. As time passed by, things started to get more real, with the flight tickets booked, meeting more frequently and more and more planning to do.

We got the chance to meet two other youth who had previously been to Albania with Sr.Melissa and Sr.Ramona, and they shared their experience. It was a very interesting opportunity as we could start understanding better about what our visit could involve, so this had definitely raised our levels of excitement.

June was a very busy month for all, but it was the most important month for this whole experience as we organised a bake sale and a pasta night, which both were a success. From all the activities and other donations received, we manages to raise the beautiful sum of around €2500 to take with us.

In June, we also spent a weekend together, where we got to know each other more and enjoyed some quality time. Mons. George Frendo was invited to celebrate mass with us and after we had the opportunity to speak to him and listen to his experience of when he was in Albania.

I am sure that the trip itself is going to be an opportunity of a lifetime, but personally, I can say that the process leading up to it has given everyone the opportunity to find peace within themselves and work hard to be able to help others. Furthermore, I am truly fortunate to have met these people, and look forward to continuing to pay it forward towards society together!

Lastly, I wish to thank everyone who donated, everyone who helped and sponsored our initiatives, as we definitely could not have done this without them!