There is a Star for You

The Magi and the shepherds looked up and saw a new star that showed them the way to the manger.   St. Jeanne Antida looked up and discovered the star of her vocation that was on her doorstep, followed it and thus the Sisters of Charity were born.

Therefore, at the end of the year, as families of the Casa del bambino y la bambina “El Campito” (Villa Corina, Argentina) we met and proposed “RAISE YOUR LOOK”, discover the star, the dream that will give you the strength to set out on your journey overcoming the consequences of the pandemic and opening new possibilities in this 2022.

Lift your eyes, and look, we are not alone on the road, we are FAMILY… think, write, assemble your manger and put it on the door… what comes next will be better… HAPPY CHRISTMAS