The interjuniorate of Eastern and South-Eastern France took place from October 28 to 31, 2023, at the Foyer Sainte Anne, near Besançon. We were 45 junior members, accompanied by 7 formators, from 11 different congregations. And we were fortunate to have a multidisciplinary team of trainers: Father Daniel REGENT, Jesuit, sister Christine GIZARD, sister Auxiliatrix and Marie-Hélène VERNET, clinical psychologist; speakers who helped us enrich our knowledge and deepen our spiritual and apostolic life.

The session took place in an atmosphere of dynamism, joy and fraternity.

The proposed theme was chastity. It was explored in all its dimensions, through a variety of approaches, some of them linked to current Church issues: self-knowledge, our being as women; the other in relationship; God’s chastity in creation; the art of argument: with the biblical illustration of Cain and Abel; abuse of power, conscience, weakness, sexual abuse; chastity in the Catechism of the Catholic Church, and also fruitfulness in chastity.

Chastity means living the Word in the flesh. We have seen that addictions are a discourse of suffering and a costly solution to lack.

God invites us to a path of friendship and brings us justice through his mercy. We also looked at Jesus in his relationships.

And finally, the vow of chastity in its relationship with the other vows.

The careful liturgy, the teaching, the group sharing, the question-and-answer sessions, the stage games and film extracts helped us to deepen our commitment to the vow of chastity. We left more deeply rooted in our religious life, in thanksgiving, happy for all we had received.

Juniorists in France