Ecological Walk in Sucre: the team of the Health Pastoral Care, in which sister Celestina C. participates, organised an ecological walk with the staff of the Hospital Cristo de las Américas, in Sucre, Bolivia with the slogan:

Caring for Life and caring for the Common Home, everything is possible with LAUDATO SI’.

Convinced that “the ecological conversion that is required to create a dynamism of lasting change is also a communal conversion” they proposed a walk to contemplate God’s creation, as children and caretakers of nature, while singing: “Praise be to you, my Lord, for sister our mother earth, who sustains and governs us and produces diverse fruits with colourful flowers and herbs”.

As a Catholic institution called to live with a different style and to look at life from the perspective of caring for life… they walked to see, judge and act, to move from what we live to what we want to live.

It was a day for sharing, for creating bonds and relationships through reflection, games, dynamics… a game of volleyball or basketball… lunch and a snack.

The atmosphere of fraternity and joy made this experience rich and positive for everyone, which was reflected in a more humane care of the sick.