From 4 to 8 June 2023, the General Council is meeting the European Provincial Councils: Besançon-Savoie and Euro-Mediterranean. On the horizon, Europe.

The Argentine writer Alberto Manguel sharply points out that:

“Europe is an unstable concept, a geographical, demographic and political configuration whose constituent parts are constantly changing. The Europe of imperial Rome was not the Europe of Dante; the Europe of Erasmus and Descartes was not the Europe of Goethe”.

Today we question whether Turkey should be part of Europe, and Ukraine is a candidate for membership, while Britain has decided to leave.

Our religious provinces are also within this changing configuration, being able to remain firm on their common root: the Foundress. Born in France, Jeanne Antide walked the paths of other European countries, emigrated to Italy, was able to count on the important contribution of vocations from Savoy, the history of the Sisters of Charity is studded with new foundations in Switzerland, Malta, England, Romania, Albania, Spain.

Let us accompany all our sisters with our prayers, so that they may share a new interpretation of the future of the Sisters of Charity in Europe, at the service of the mission of the whole congregation, in the same innovative impulse of charity as Jeanne Antida.