On May 21, the children of St. Jeanne Antide Thouret Kindergarten celebrated a double feast, the National Feast of the Holy Childhood and the Feast of St. Jeanne Antide, with two models of holiness, two models of missionary ministry: St. Jeanne Antide and Charles de Forbin Janson.
The children of the school and kindergarten animated the holy mass through their songs and prayers, thanking God for all his kindness, for his untiring presence in our journey of faith, as well as for the joy of witnessing his love in today’s world.
At the end of the celebration, the children sang the hymn “Baptized and Sent” while the older children explained to the little ones what it means to be a missionary child and how we can all be daily “With Jesus on mission but especially the beauty and importance of loving one another, and the fact that we are all brothers and we have the same house!”
Then they gave the kindergarteners the bookmark made especially for this day. The celebration continued with moments of dance, drama and music that brought joy and satisfaction to everyone’s heart!
Thank you to all those who made this moment possible (especially to the community of the Sisters of Charity and Father Petru Balint Parish)!
Thank you dear children for your involvement!
May God increase his love in you, so that you may be everywhere in the world, courageous and full of zealous witnesses of his Gospel!