“It’s Christmas on earth every day

Because Christmas, my brother is love.

It is Christmas in the hearts of all those who

Are invited to spreriment a normal happiness.”

Christmas 2020 at the Fourneau économique of Nizza

The wish is that during the holidays everyone can experience serenity and can have “normal happiness” especially the little ones, the forgotten, despised and lonely…

On December 24 at the Fourneau économique (Canteen of the Poor) in Nice, we welcomed 157 people who came from all over for a free meal.

We handed them a bag that contained hygiene products, cookies, chocolates, tangerines, panettone… along with all the best wishes from many people, such as students from St. Therese, St. Joseph and Regina Coeli Schools, the Canteen volunteers and us sisters.

The guests were really happy that day and their hearts were jumping with joy. We witnessed it! They said: “Thank you, thank you so much, it’s great…” And some of them said: “A big thank you for everything, for what you do, we are really welcomed by your kindness and love here.” And we, seeing their smiles radiating on everyone’s faces, were rejoiced too, because shared joy is a double joy.

On that day, we had the joy of welcoming the presence of our pastor Fr. François, the president of Fourneau Mr. Forcheri… and also the visit of Philippe Pradal, MP and former president of Fourneau.

Yes, Christmas is a privileged time of joy, sharing, hope and peace. And its true meaning is only when we know how to share and reach out to someone, especially those who feel forgotten, rejected, misunderstood and abused by life, their history and cannot associate with the common joy.

The Fourneau économique (Canteen) is open four days a week. It aims to reach out to the needy whose only desire is often to have a hot meal, be with friends and be able to talk to someone. Usually 2 days a week, in the afternoon, we stay open and serve coffee, tea and other…

These are very precious times for people because they can rest, relax, play cards and meet other people or be with each other.

“It is Christmas in the hands of the One who shares his bread today and it is Christmas when the hope of a truer love finally arises…”

May the beautiful words of this song serve as our joy, inspiration and impetus to reach out to others.

By serving at the Canteen, we try to welcome and serve those we meet with kindness and joy so that every day is a Christmas for them.

Even if it is simply our presence, our listening and our smile, this can soothe and bring hearts closer together.

This is what God expects of us, and these are also the most precious moments of the meeting.

Sister Chung Nguyen (Nice Community-France)