Happy Easter

“A single act of goodness  

On his journey towards the Calvary, where Jesus was surrounded by hatred, there were acts of intense love:

  • Mary, Mary Magdalene and John had the courage to stand at the foot of the cross when everyone else ran away.
  • The good thief broke the stereotype of the unrepentant criminal and asked Jesus to remember him in His Reign.
  • Joseph of Arimathea overcame his fear of being counted among the Disciples of Christ and asked Pilate the permission to take his corpse away.
  • Nicodemus generously brought huge quantities of myrrh and aloe to honour the corpse of Christ.
  • The women went to the tomb on the third day to take care of the corpse, without knowing how they could remove the stone that sealed it.
  • Even Pilate aware of the injustice suffered by Jesus wanted to release Him.All these actions may appear insignificant if compared to the violence of the crucifixion and all that preceded it.

 What difference could a single act of goodness make before the relentlessness of evil?

The answer is that it can make all the difference in the world, in a way that we can’t even imagine, as all these small acts of goodness and love are crowned by the gift of the total LOVE of Christ crucified on the cross.

A single act of goodness can make all the difference before the relentlessness of evil.”

(from the Caritas International message – Easter 2021)