In Arpino, sr Anna celebrated her 107th birthday: in spite of the many restrictions imposed by the anti-Covid rules, we were still able to celebrate feast-days and birthdays.

Among the many celebrations, that of 90 years of religious life celebrated by Sr Anna was really special. She can still make nice crochet works which she has offered as a thanksgiving gift to God for the 90 years spent in the community of the Sisters of Charity.

The seed of vocation that fell in her heart at a very young age found good soil urging her to choose an evangelical life. Her seed blossomed in prayer, grew in faith and became a tree with branches of goodness and leaves of hope, which brought fruits of charity along all her life, thus witnessing to good religious life and touching the life of many young people who still talk about her example and nice presence.

Certainly there were also harsh winters, as Jesus promised to those who follow Him, yet life is renewed by the cross and she lived her vocation as a gift for all for 107 long years. Since she came at the home for elderly Sisters she has always given a great contribution to the Missionary Sale, where her crochet works were very much appreciated. What is the secret for such courage, friendliness and kindness for all? The gift of one’s life cannot last long unless its foundations are on the rock as the Gospel teaches. Sr Anna is faithful to her time of prayer; she leads a silent life in order to listen to the Word of God and strives to put into action the Rule: “You shall love”. She also likes to share her thoughts during the community meeting, and with her advice, her welcoming attitude and her missionary zeal she is still active and perky.

Sr Anna is a good friend for all, Sisters, staff, and also for the priests and the faithful of the parish who visit the community.

We praise the Lord for bringing her to our community in Arpino. Her 90 years of religious life motivate us to a greater commitment in living our consecration and to say again our “YES”, as she did last year when she was transferred from Isola del Liri to Arpino, in obedience to the superiors, for whom she has deep gratitude, respect and great esteem.

Sr Anna lives an ordinary and simple life, she faces the ailments of her age peacefully, and as she said to the journalist sent by the Bishop to interview her, she tries to be vigilant, as a true Sister of Charity. Thus, with her we say thanks for everything to the Lord of Life and Love!

The community in Arpino