Dearest sisters and friends all – Sister Mary writes to us – I share with you our grave concerns and sorrow about what is happening in Turkey and Syria: the earthquake, with its aftermath, has been a real disaster

The greatest damage in northern Syria, while in Damascus and Khabab, where our two communities are, it was like a war bombardment.

All the people in the streets, where they are still, for fear of collapse, in the midst of freezing cold. But no damage in people. But unfortunately it is in Aleppo, Syria, where there have been so many casualties, completely destroyed houses and a sea of displaced people, in this very cold winter.

Poor Syria, not yet out of the war, still having to suffer this disaster.

In Lebanon, we had a strong earthquake, but no damage to people and little material damage compared to Syria and Turkey.

We pray for the victims and those who lost everything. It is very hard.

All schools in Lebanon and Syria have been closed for a week because there is still a storm of bad weather.

Our communities, together with people, are organizing to collect aid for northern Syria.

Let us continue to pray and have hope. Thank you and in communion.


Sister Mary Stephanos

SdC Provincial Superior

Baabda, Lebanon


The hearts of all of us are close to the families of those who lost their lives, the injured, the displaced and the volunteers of the rescue teams. Also with prayer.