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Friday, 19 August 2016 18:39

Province Middle East : brief News


These news are communicated across a circular letter,   written on the 30th July by Sr. Pascale Khoury, the Provicial superior

 South Sudan. At the moment, in Juba, it seems that there is a ceasefire but fear and insecurity persist with the concern regarding the future. Our sisters tell us that so far, Rajaf,  (the place where our community resides which is not far from the capital Juba,) has been a locality which was not visited by combats but by thieves. The solar panels have already disappeared twice... At Wau, the families of 3 of our sisters and a novice... have abandoned their houses due to riots and when the parents of Sr. Grace James went back because the situation appeared to be calm, they found nothing! The thieves had enough time to empty them. Certain families fled towards Khartoum, while others found refuge in some wealthy camps. 


Soudan: Khartoum: On the 20th July, in the ex-Novitiate house, a kindergarten has been opened. Sr. Mary Roman and Sr. Grace are in charge of this new project. 

Ethiopia : Sr. Maria Luisa Caruso with Sr. Mana, have been invited by a Lazarist priest and made a visit to the south of Ethiopia in the diocese of Jimmi Bonga, a parish situated in the centre of the forest. Later on we will be able to offer you an echo of their discoveries. At the moment we are not thinking about opening a community in the south but we remain open to the calls of the Latin Church there to welcome vocations. 

Lebanon: Apart from the various pastoral activities which our sisters organise and animate during the scholastic holidays, the team of the pastoral ministry of vocations – within the framework of their annual meetings with young people – had some visits and meetings during this month of June with the Iraqi families.  And in order to close their annual program, they have just animated a weekend which has assembled 6 young women. We hope that the Lord’s call will touch the heart of these young women. Moreover, in view to answering to the call coming from the university parish, a sister participates in the missionary camp organised for 300 youths.   

Syria: If unfortunately the combats continue to rage in Aleppo and in other cities to the north of Syria, it seems that the two localities of Damascus and Khabab, where we are present, situated in the south, are relatively safe. Our sisters have animated or collaborated in the summer activities, namely in the children’s summer camps organised in the villages of Hauran or in the camps with youths in the surroundings of Homs. 

The Chapter asks us to reach the periphery and especially youths. We therefore welcomed emotionally the desire of Sr. Mona Dhem to go back to Khabab. Because of the war, the population in this part of Syria becomes a periphery which makes us reflect more than ever. We must be there to reach youths, to support them and encourage them.  We thank Sr. Mona for opting to support this beautiful mission! She will be the « Sister Servant » of this community who welcomes a third sister Sr. Inaam who ACCEPTS to be part of this community of Khabab. We strongly highlight her courage and her love for the mission. With Sr. Hend, they will be three sisters, in the image of the Trinity to be a haven of peace, unity and brotherly love in a world that is torn apart by hatred and violence.

Egypt: Our sisters aren’t discouraged by a pessimistic atmosphere of the situation. In South Egypt, they organise and live with youths, children and groups of « Faith and Light » summer camps where everything unfolds around the Word of God – research, exchange, games.... – without forgetting summer camps of the girl guides, the brownies and the MEJ in Cairo and Alexandria.

The team of the pastoral ministry of vocations organises a vocational summer camp between the 10th and the 14th August in Khazandaria.

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