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Monday, 27 March 2017 11:55

Jubilee in the General House

Today 25th March 2017, we want to wish happy Feast Day to Sr. Nunzia, our Superior General!

With her we thank the Lord for the life offered to God for the service of the poor by 32 Sisters of Charity from Italy and Malta, who are celebrating in Italy their 50th and 25th anniversary of religious life!

After the retreat from 18th to 25th March they celebrated solemnly their anniversary at the Generalate.

Each one of them has a personal history, yet they all chose to respond to “God Alone” following on the steps of Saint Jeanne Antide, and each one of them helped build community through prayer and service, according to different places and times.

To the question: “What kept you going in these 50 years of faithfulness to God?” They answer: “His love! Day by day we have experienced his mercy in our prayer and service. Our communities give us a chance to share joys and struggles; within our communities we feel a strong sense of belonging to the Congregation, that’s why once again today we say our YES”.

We wish to thank our Jubilee Sisters because their faithfulness encourages us to go forward making together the new steps the Lord is expecting from us at this time in history.

On this feast day, also Sr. Sofia, a young Chinese woman, made her vows for the first time among the Sisters of Charity. We assure her of our prayer and wish her all happiness within our community!


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