Arrival: 1987


Mgr Esua, Bishop of  Koumba recalls  that in  1987, a bishop of Chad, Mgr Mathias had spoken to him about the sisters of charity who were accomplishing an excellent work in his diocese.  He launches the call in 1990. He received a positive answer and the community of  Sabongari was established during the same year.


The main services in which the Sisters are engaged:

At first, our sisters gave their service in the rural and pastoral animation. They even ran dispensaries and were in charge of female formation.

Today, we have also some services that belong to the congregation :

  • Hospital Ste J.A de Gala,
  • the elementary school of Nkolmesseng,
  • the female technical formation centre
  • the communities of  Yaoundé offer some formation possibilities for our young sisters and aspirants.

Where we are present

  • Diocese of Yaoundé:

    • Nkolbisson, parish Saint Charles Lwanga
    • Nkolmesseng, parish of Saint Francis of Assisi
  • Diocese of Ngaoundere :

    • community of Ngaoundal in Saint Yves’ parish
    • Hospital of Nagaoundal
  • Diocese of Bafia: Community Ntui in St. Joseph’s parish

Postal address:

Soeurs de la Charité de Ste Jeanne Antide Thouret
Diocèse de Yaoundé B.P. 185/97