“God Alone”

Existential peripheries

Towards the peripheries of existence – human place of our charism

The “existential and human peripheries”, besides geographical, as places of life and mission of the Church indicated by Pope Francis, are also a challenge to us, Sisters of Charity and daughters of Jeanne Antide: “God is everywhere, our neighbour is everywhere. This is enough for us”.

We belong to a history of proximity and service to the poor, which we live at times to the point of total self-giving.
Today we are living a new founding phase: in any stage of our life, we are called to discover anew that we are “outreaching missionaries”, women who passionately love Christ and the poor.

Integral ecology

Listening and responding to the cry of the earth and the cry of the poor

In response to the Pope’s invitation in Laudato Si’, with General Chapter 2021, we chose to commit ourselves “to the long path of renovation, to develop a loving consciousness of the common home and occupy our rightful place in the order and dynamism that our Creator has ordained” (Pope Francis).

Let us act with “creativity and enthusiasm” to save the planet, to fight against climate injustice, to enable everyone, starting with the poor, to enjoy the earth’s resources: “To be instruments of God the Father, so that our planet may be what He has dreamed of and so that it may respond to His project of peace, beauty and fullness.”

Youth on the road

Accompanying young people in the complexity of their worlds

As sisters of Charity we retain that being ready to listen to the signs of the times is equivalent to listen also to young people.
Our congregation acknowledges young people not only as the beneficiaries of its educative and evangelising action, but even as its utterly young road companions on the paths of the mission and of the apostolic commitment.

Today, more than in the past, we are called to reach young people everywhere: in their concrete life situations. We are called to listen to them, to understand them, to accompany them and to transmit to them our passion for God and for the poor, our passion for a better world.

At Work in the World
Our mission

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Accompanying the suffering

We are called to be “daughters of the Church” and in particular of this Church who is hidden under various forms of poverty. We are invited to accompany the suffering and to become a sign of hope for those who have lost every hope. Thus, we engage ourselves fully to proclaim the Good News and God’s love in whatever we accomplish.
We are engaged:

  • in formation programmes, in catechises, in the preparation of sacraments, in the liturgy.
  • in supporting families in difficulty
  • in home visits
  • in supporting youths in various difficult situations
  • in serving inmates, ill-treated people and abandoned children.
  • in spiritual accompaniment of the various groups and Church movements.
  • in the pastoral ministry of youths both in schools and universities.

Promoting and strengthening learning

We are called to foster education. For us, the promotion of the human being starts from education. Children and youths are always at the centre of our missionary interest and therefore of our educational institutions.
In the countries which put limits to basic learning, we are also creating centres to promote literacy alongside services which seek to assure health education and social wellbeing for all. Through our educative method we try to form our students to become courageous and honest in view of offering a significant contribution to their families and to society.
In all the Congregation’s educative institutions, our students receive a solid and spiritual formation based on values. They strive to excel personally, to learn how to respect the others, the world, creation and the environment and to be strongly aware of the mission and of the global conscience.
We are engaged in various domains:

  • elementary and secondary schools of the first and second level
  • receptions centres
Caring for the person at all levels

We are called to take care of the sick. Thus we participate in the compassionate and merciful ministry of Christ. All those who attend our centres hope to receive an adequate diagnosis and to have access to proper care. Our clinics and our health centres are located in areas where it is difficult for the patients to receive any health assistance.
The sick also know that they are always present in our daily prayer.
We strive to look after every individual at all levels: physical, mental, psychological, spiritual and social.
We are engaged in:

  • hospitals and clinics
  • home assistance
  • movable clinics
  • health ministry…
Collaboration, support and inclusion

We are called to live in communion with all the persons who always seek to live in dignity. Therefore, we commit ourselves to serve the immigrants, to defend human rights and to create a welcoming community. The number of immigrants worldwide is on the increase due to hunger, natural calamities and totalitarian and corrupt regimes. Most of the migrants who arrive in the country that offers them hospitality, have no acquaintances and knowledge of the language.
We commit ourselves to:

  • Work with persons and organisations at the service of immigrants and refugees
  • To sustain them in their process of social integration.

The Sisters of Charity around the world


26 giugno 2019 – Al via le Giornate internazionali dell’editoria cattolica. Numerosi rappresentanti dell’editoria cattolica provenienti da tutto il mondo convergeranno a Roma per discutere delle sfide…

26 giugno 2019 – Al via le Giornate internazionali dell’editoria cattolica. Numerosi rappresentanti dell’editoria cattolica provenienti da tutto il mondo convergeranno a Roma per discutere delle sfide…

26 giugno 2019 – Al via le Giornate internazionali dell’editoria cattolica. Numerosi rappresentanti dell’editoria cattolica provenienti da tutto il mondo convergeranno a Roma per discutere delle sfide…

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Hold on only to me, for I am your God. 

Jeanne Antide, Circ.1812

You are but travellers passing quickly through this foreign land.

Jeanne Antide, Circ.1812

I desire nothing but the Will of God.

Jeanne Antide, letter to Mons. Sala 1826

Il tempo! Come è prezioso! Ci è stato dato per servire il Signore.  

Jeanne Antide, Circ.1808

Tutte siano animate dallo Spirito di Dio  

G.A. Circ.1810

Il nostro prossimo è dovunque; Dio è dovunque; questo ci basta.  

G.A. Circ.1823

Reagite contro i desideri stessi volontari e riflessi di avere di più.  

G.A Istruzione sui Voti

Io sono figlia della Santa Chiesa, siatelo con me.  

G.A Circ. 1820

Nulla vi attardi in questo mondo nella santa corsa che avete intrapresa.  

G.A alle suore della Savoia

Il nostro prossimo è dovunque; Dio è dovunque; questo ci è sufficiente.  

G.A Circ. 1823
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