ARRIVAL: Novembre 14, 2003


On welcoming the Region’s Government request and to answer the urgent socio-economical needs of the population, the Bishop of the Catholic Church of  Tigray, Mgr Tesfasselassie Medhin asked the Congregation of the Sisters of Charity of St. Jeanne-Antide, for a presence of religious to work in the domain of Health, Education and the Promotion of women.

At this stage an egyptian and Italian sisters arrived in Ethiopia on the 14th November 2003. For three months the two sisters lodged with the Community of the Silesian Sisters of Adwa to become familiar with the place and to learn the Tigrinya language before they settle down in their mission in  Shirè, in the beginning of Lent, 2004.

Sr. Reine, Sr. Constance and the parish priest were the first catholic presence in Shirè and the first to celebrate Mass in the city.

In front of such a rapid answer, the Municipality of Shiré granted the Sisters a 30,000 m² plot of land in Endaselassie to build their residence and make their project work.


In Shiré, over 15 years, the mission of the Sisters of Charity has flourished. The community, composed of four Sisters of different nationalities: Lebanese, Egyptian, Romanian and Ethiopian, running a nursery school for about 400 children; a clinic, including a maternity ward, which receives an average of 200 sick people a day; a house for young students from distant villages; a hotel school and a workroom. We must not forget the farm where cows, sheep, chickens, rabbits… and the garden and vegetable garden.

There are many collaborators… with them the sisters learn to dialogue with the Orthodox Church, to face the demands of labor law and the challenge of inculturation, of language…

In Addis Ababa, a community was opened in March 2018 for the sisters in formation and as a basis for the “obligatory” steps towards the capital.

We are present at the

  • Diocese of Adigrat – Shiré (St Justin Yacobis Community)

  • Diocese of Addis Abeba – Addis-Abeba (St J. Antide Community)

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Sisters of Charity
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