Daring to knock at a door

We are a congregation of women hailing from different countries and nationalities who desire to respond to the Lord’s call, while living in the spirit of St. Jeanne Antide, serving the poor of the whole world and dedicating ourselves to education, the caring of the sick…

Speak with a trustful person: you need somebody whose faith experience enables you to understand your experience. Nobody can choose for you, but if she listens to you while respecting your freedom and speaking prudently, she will help you to discern what is essential to make free choices.

Live an experience in a community: living in a religious community, it would help you to know them better and therefore understand your vocation.

Which are the signs of God’s call? First of all, if you feel the call, you experience an interior peace accompanied by deep joy which manifests itself in the service of the poor and in giving them priority because they are the friends of Jesus Christ.

  • A sister will be glad to keep in touch with you for a period of discernment which will enable you to know the congregation better before you ask to start a journey of formation. If you think you are called to live our life, you can contact a sister who is in charge of vocations on the following addresse: communication@suoredellacarita.org