United States

ARRIVAL: September 16, 1932


The Sisters’ presence was requested by Archbishop Samuel Stritch to assist Italian immigrants in east Milwaukee as well as at St. Camillus Hospital in Wauwatosa, Wisconsin.

Five Sisters were sent to the United States. Sister Monica Tarantola was the Superior of the new community.

They worked at St Camilo’s Hospice in Wauwatosa – 1954.

Currently, the North American province has 35 Sisters.
Two Sisters fulfil an apostolate in Santa Fe, New Mexico in the poorest diocese in the United States.
One Sister is ministering in a parish in Kenosha, Wisconsin, where the community has been severely affected by the current economic situation in the United States.


The main services in which the Sisters are engaged:

Currently the services in North America are centred on parishes and education

  • Education, Parish Administration: Liturgy of the Word with Eucharist, Preparation for the Sacraments, Funerals
  • Care of the sick and home care
  • Property Maintenance, Fundraising
  • Liturgical Service, Welcoming and Witnesses of FaithPreparation for the Sacraments

Where we are located:

  • Diocesi di Milwaukee 

Indirizzo Postale: 
Sisters of Charity of St. Joan Antida
Regina Mundi
8560 North 76th Place
Milwaukee WI 53223 U.S.A.

Indirizzo e-mail: sisters@scsja.org

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