Who are the AJA, Friends of Jeanne Antide

«I called you friends»
Jn 15,15

We are men and women of every age and culture, from various Countries across the world, called to reflect by the charism of Jeanne-Antide:

“To love Christ Jesus, to love and serve the poor who are his members, to show them the love of the Father, this is the charism and mission which St. Vincent de Paul and St. Jeanne Antide received from God.”

From the Rule of the Sisters of Charity

They want to live and deepen it in the daily life and in their Christian commitment.

Together, we want

· To deepen christian life and that of the Friends of Jeanne Antide

· To participate in the meetings organised at a local level

· To be committed in voluntary work or in other services in collaboration with the congregation, with ecclesial associations or any other that promotes solidarity and social inclusion.

The Movement’s identity is Catholic. Men and women of good will can feel the call to become part of it.