It’s a time of a strong life experience with Christ, not only in prayer and the deepening of Scripture and theology, but even of concrete life with the sisters and the other novices.

You will live in community and with the help of the novice mistress, you learn to live this communion through your behaviour of daily life, and thus fraternity becomes the first missionary act!

A limited service will be entrusted to you, which permits you to deepen concretely the desire to meet Christ in the poor whom Vincent de Paul indicates as our masters. The dialogue with the novice mistress, prepares you gradually to take an important decision and to profess the first vows within the Congregation.

Pronouncing the vows of poverty, chastity, obedience and the spiritual and temporal service of the poor which characterise our charism of Sisters of Charity, is a public profession of faith. It’s a sign that the person, in full freedom gives herself to God and to the Church in our family.