Experience in community

  • Living for a long time in a concrete community at the service of the poor, can manifest itself as a “time of grace”, a time of discovery and familiarity. A time to deepen Christian life, while listening to God’s Word through personal and community prayer. It’s a time to discover community life with its joys and limits. A time to know the founders, St. Jeanne Antide and St. Vincent de Paul and to deepen your personal vocation.

  • During the year’s experience, you will perhaps pursue your activities and work. But you will be offered a strong experience of spiritual and fraternal life, alongside some service.

  • You will be able to ask yourself and find someone to help you to answer.
    You could put questions to the sisters of the community; with the help of a sister and the spiritual director, you could re-read your experience and your progress.

  • At the end of one or two years you will decide whether this experience gives you the desire to continue and join the Congregation in a more committed manner : admittance into the novitiate.