The year 1799, in Besançon, soon after the French Revolution, marks the beginning of the Sisters of Charity: a classroom for children, the marmite of meat soup for the poor, the visits to the sick in their homes: “so that the poor, the sick and the children might know and love God”. For Jeanne Antide and her first companions, living according to the Gospel consists in participating in life’s journey with an intention, concretely and courageously while contributing in the growth of a “new” history of fraternity, service, trust and hope, in spite of the difficult times.

Even today, following the Gospel in Christ’s footsteps, certain women journey along paths and countries throughout the world at the service of the Church’s mission who is considered as the Church of the poor and the universal Church.  It’s the Lord who pours forth Love in everyone’s heart to be shared with everybody:  You saw me today and you welcomed me: I was alone, in despair, foreigner and clandestine; you cared for me,  I was physically and spiritually ill; you nourished me with bread and friendship and you refreshed me with the living water of the mountain; you visited me while I was in prison.   You recognized me everywhere – in the shantytowns, in the slums, in the poor areas, in the soup kitchens, in the big and small schools which prepare for the future, and  in the care homes where solitude abounds.  

In Him, we dedicate our life in poverty: a humble answer to the cry of the poor, expecting everything from God’s providence.
In chastity: God’s love, He Alone can satisfy our heart!
In obedience, we offer him our will!
We are ready to serve the poor: this fourth vow that flows from the heart of the Gospel is the identity card of our deep life!
Life in community is for us an essential place of life. In prayer and sharing it then becomes a cause of continuous conversion and origin of our being sent on a mission.

The Holy Spirit gives us the ability to cross the seas and to go to the ends of the world, like Jeanne Antide

«Our neighbour is everywhere, God is everywhere, this is enough for us!»