ARRIVO: 1985


As an answer to the request made on behalf of Vatican Council II, the then Apostolic Nuncio of Paraguay, Mgr Vittore Uno Righi and the bishop of Asuncion Mgr Mema Porta,  ask the Provincial Superior of the sisters of Charity of  Milwaukee (USA). She then shares the request    with the then Superior General  who in turn began to discern  to travel to Argentine.

The small seed has been sown for the first time in  the South American ground on the 2nd July 1967, when the sisters arrived in Asuncion ( the Country’s capital city, n.d.r.)

They were welcomed and accommodated for sometime in the parish of Saint Rocco and they soon started giving their service in  :

  • Prison
  • Catechism to the militaries
  • Visit to the sick people’s homes
  • Visits to Fernando della Mora (a district 9 km away from the capital , n.d.r.)  to launch the organisation of the current parish of St. Catherine of Siena

With the foundation of St. Catherine’s parish, the sisters settled in the district  and started their service:

–  their first priority was catechism for children, youths, adults and formation of pastoral agents.

–  a professional Formation Centre and a small clinic accessible to poor women and their children living in that district.

–  courses in Professional formation especially for women : cutting out and sewing, hairdressing and cooking; this new Agglomeration Centre was a key point for the life of the new parish and for the society of Paraguay.

Down the years, the demographic and geographical growth of the city (n.d.r.), the service of the sisters of charity expanded also in every Centre of the same parish:

– liturgical animation

– biblical animation

– catechesis

– service at Caritas and pastoral and social work

– visit to the sick and “ministers” of Holy Communion

– creation and coordination of an informal Education Centre in the districts of Cerrito and Southern Villa. They help children after school hours,  organise recreational activities and distribute  snacks…. There is also formal elementary schooling. Since the beginning, the sisters worked and collaborated with the families of the district, the parish and other people of good will.   

In 1985, the second community in San Miguel Misiones is established (diocese of St. John the Baptis Mission). The sisters shoulder the responsibility and commit themselves to realise the guidelines of the so called “Overall Pastoral Work” of the Diocese, relative to the creation and life of the Ecclesial Basic Communities. Our community was closed in  2010.

In 1994, the community of Lambaré becomes the Novitiate’s premises.

In 2013, we start the experience of life and mission in Puerto Triunfo  and on the 27th November, our new community is officially opened.

At the moment there are the communities of : Fernando della Mora and Lambaré  in the Diocese of   Asuncion and that of Porto Trionfo  in the Diocese of Encarnacion.


I principali servizi nei quali le Suore sono impegnate:

  • animation and accompaniment according to the schools’ Charism
  • accompaniment and pastoral formation in the parishes
  • pastoral ministry of vocations in the parishes and dioceses
  • centres of holistic formation for children and adolescents
  • meals for children and elderly persons
  • after school activities, formal education, physical education
  • social pastoral work in the various Centres present in the district
  • accompaniment in the pastoral work regarding the health domain
  • education and support for mothers and children regarding domestic violence and lack of respect towards women and the family
  • formation for agents of pastoral work
  • sharing the Spirituality of the Charism and service to the poor together with the laity, youths and the family of St. Jeanne Antide

Where we are

  • Diocese of Asuncion : Fernando della Mora and Lambaré Community

  • Diocese of Encarnacion: Community of Porto Trionfo

Postal address:

Hermanas de la Caridad
Calle Nicaragua 1119

E-mail: (segreteria)