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25 years in Romania

Origins: In 1989, with the fall of communism, the doors of the Eastern European countries have been opened to those of the West, hence discovering how a totalitarian regime can put limits to a nation. 

The mission of the sisters of charity in Romania started with the request on behalf of Caritas Civitavecchia to accompany a lorry full of humanitarian aids heading to this Country. Two sisters from the religious province of Rome were sent and when they returned they related what they had seen there: a big faith, brotherhood, hospitality but even a great misery.   

1990 Ramnicu Valcea

After the general chapter 1990, with the authorisation of the bishop of Bucharest, the Province of Rome sends three sisters to the centre of south Romania, in Ramnicu Valcea.

The first mission consists of: welcoming, helping the poor, assisting the sick in their homes and in the hospital, courses in Italian and later on catechesis. They even opened a kindergarten school according to the bishop’s desire.

1992 Bucharest

The community of Bucharest is established in the parish “Maica Indurerata”. The first activity consists in nursing assistance and in helping abandoned children in the hospitals in collaboration with the sisters of Mother Theresa. The sisters helped also the street children as they collaborated with Caritas Austria.  

In 1999 in collaboration with the fathers of Don Orione, they assist the girls who are bound to leave the Charitable Institutes due to their age.   

1993 Lugoj – Mgr. Joan Ploscaru, bishop of the Greek-Catholic church, who has just returned from the communist persecution, asks and obtains from the Superior General some sisters to be present among the people. He welcomes them in a wing of the apostolic palace which he received back from the State. Lugoj is a city situated on the boundary of Hungary and is strongly divided according to languages, habits, traditions and various religions.

With their presence and their work, the sisters manage to give examples of hospitality and universal fraternity, without making distinctions among persons and giving life to various services.   They assist the families, especially the poorest ones; they visit the sick in their homes and take care of them. They open a kindergarten school in collaboration with Caritas; they integrate themselves in the Roman Catholic parish where they teach catechism and provide formation to youths.  In 1999, on the occasion of the bicentenary, the mayor gives as an extension loan 3000sq. meters of land to build a house called “St. Jeanne Antide Educative Socio-Health Centre” in an area in the city’s periphery, prevalently inhabited by poor families. Today, the sisters who are in Romania (14 +1 in Italy) form part of the Eastern Europe Region with the sisters who are in Albania  (14+1 in Italy) and in Moldavia (3).


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