Thursday, 11 April 2019 08:39

Obey to the Word

Lenten journey: Friday in the third Week of Lent - 11.04.2019

11.04.2019 eng


It is a closed thought that is not open (...) to the possibility that God speaks to us, tells us what his path is like, as he did with the prophets. These people did not listen to the prophets and did not listen to Jesus. It is more than just a stubbornness. No, it is more: it is the idolatry of one's own thought. 'I think so, this must be like this and nothing more'. (...)


There is no possibility of dialogue, there is no possibility of opening oneself to the news that God brings with the prophets, (...) they close the door to God's promise. And when in the history of humanity comes this phenomenon of unique thought, how many misfortunes. The last century we saw all of us the dictatorships of the single thought, which ended up killing so many people, but when they felt themselves masters we could not think otherwise. We think so. (...) Even today there is the dictatorship of unique thought and this dictatorship is the same as these people: take the stones to stone the freedom of peoples, the freedom of people, the freedom of consciences, the relationship of people with God. And today Jesus is crucified again.


(Homily St. Martha, 10 April 2014)