Our identity

nostra identita

Sisters of Charity, who are we?

Women who have been seized by the Gospel … walking, in  Christ’s footsteps
   «It is He alone Whom we follow always»    JA circ. 1823 LD p.211     Read more

Sisters, friends of the least and the poor, in the footsteps of  Saint Vincent de Paul and of Saint Jeanne-Antide

   «You serve Jesus Christ in the person of the poor»    Vincent de Paul conf.24
   «Teach the poor to know, love and serve the Lord…»    JA Preliminary Disc.  p.45    Read more

Called to live in community and engaged for ever by the vows in the grace of our baptism
   «We are all the children of the same family … entirely to God, as Christians and true sisters of charity»    JA Preliminary Disc. p.45    Read more

At the service of the mission of the Church, under the influence of the Spirit
   «I am daughter of the holy Church; be so also with me»    JA circ. 1820 LD p.308    Read more

All over the world
    «That is where God dwells, and it is enough»    JA to Mgr Lecoz 1813 LD p.304    Read more