Today the Friends of Jeanne Antide shared with us their “journey from Emmaus”. 

Together they struggled to understand each other’s language and ideas. They are also a multi-cultural group  and admitted it – is not an easy task to communicate and to listen and then plan together.  Their experience mirrors the experience of the Chapter members who are younger and older and come from many countries and cultures.  Yet we are united in the charism of “love for the poor”.

The Friends’ journeyed to Naples last Tuesday.  The experience touched their hearts.  Jeanne Antide’s presence was “felt” as they visited the Church of Regina Coeli, her bedroom and the hospital.  In Naples, Jeanne Antide reached out to the poor as she and her sisters adjusted to the life in a new country, learned a new language and a new life style.

many of the Friends shared how the Holy Spirit worked among them.  They felt welcome and at home among the Sisters of Charity.  They are returning to their families and countries with much gratitude for their time together and for the sharing with the Sisters.  They experienced unity in diversity… and that unity comes from GOD ALONE.