In the capital Ndjamena, young people from the Hope Parish in Walia participated in a Laudato Si’ animation with sister Marceline, one of the Provincial Councillors.

Lent is a special time of reflection and action through prayer, fasting and almsgiving, a particularly auspicious time to begin or deepen our ecological conversion.

“Lord Jesus, open our eyes and hearts to your passion and death that still continue to consume us. Help us to see that you are once again condemned to death in the extinction of species; that the burden of the cross you still bear is our consumerism and our culture of waste; that you are still dying with the victims of extreme weather conditions, wars, conflicts and our indifference. As your passion continues in history and in the world, give us the confidence and courage to be like those who comforted you on the way of the cross: Veronica, Simon of Cyrene, Joseph of Arimathea and your Blessed Mother. Amen”.