Timișoara, Romania; San Sebastian, Spain; Rome and Assisi, Italy; Rubik, Albania.

The charismatic family of the Sisters of Charity of Saint Jeanne Antide Thouret participated with joy and enthusiasm in Laudato Si’ Week.

Many projects put in place with all people of good will, who around the world are committed to concretizing the inspiration of the Encyclical Laudato Si’, recognizing the efforts made so far and launching new challenges.

Within this article the projects that have developed in Europe.

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In Romania, on Sunday, May 21, a lively group consisting of some young people and the Sisters of Charity arrived by bicycle to the monastic community of Preafanta Treime, Timișoara, to share the Lectio Divina Laudato Si’.

Also in Romania, the Laudato Si’ Rosary was celebrated at the Catholic Cathedral “Sfântul Gheorghe,” Timișoara.

On Monday, May 22, the Romanian national team enthusiastically presented the document Laudato Si’ at the Roman Catholic Theological High School “Gerhardinum” in Timișoara. It was a good way to raise awareness of the need to care for our Common Home among even the youngest children.



In San Sebastian, Spain, a small group of 7 youth and 3 adults gathered in the park to “do their part” as a “little hummingbird.”

They wore a small tag on their chests to arouse the curiosity of those who saw them, strolling around, enjoying each other’s company, and picking up trash they found in their path.



Laudato Si’ Week began on Sunday, May 21. Pope Francis, during the Regina Caeli, invited everyone to “collaborate for the care of our Common Home… with competence and creativity.”

With some representatives of Circles and the Laudato Si’ Movement, we too wanted to witness this message in St. Peter’s Square.


On the day of Pentecost, in the garden of San Damiano, where St. Francis wrote the Canticle of the Creatures, the prayer for new L.S. animators was celebrated.

Sister Mirna, who participated in this meaningful moment, recounts the enthusiasm of the Laudato Si’ Movement, which courageously continues its struggle to protect our Common Home.

His Excellency Cardinal Michael Czerny blessed the project presented by the local bishop, Bishop Domenico Sorrentino, and encouraged the animators from all over the world to continue their mission as protectors of creation, reconcilers and defenders of Integral Ecology.

Among Italian projects, during this school year the Sisters of Charity have been working to bring children closer to nature, raising their awareness of respect and healthy ecology.

Our work will continue over time …

Here are some photos depicting the collection of moss to decorate our nativity scene, walking the forest paths behind the school, visit to the Lunense Canal to celebrate 100 years.

This was followed by a visit to a nursery to purchase seedlings to grow in our beautiful garden-the owners were kind enough to give each of us a chili pepper seedling as a gift!

Finally trip to the woods for adventure as real explorers!

Finally the vegetable garden gave us its “fruits”! We harvest salad and spring onions show them during the celebration of Saint Jeanne Antide.

Videos of live performances are also arriving from Italy.

The comment of those who have seen them: “another beautiful way to make Laudato Si’ known!”



We believe in the power of small steps….

Monday, May 22, an afternoon cleanup at the water source near the town of Rubik.

Another activity of the team was to create some awareness posters.

Also very engaging was the puppet theater entitled “The Flower Girl” and meeting to present the Laudato Si’.

Among the reported activities, we also present here the Laudato Si’ prayer, also near Rubik.

The children, accompanied by the Sisters of Charity, were able to immerse themselves in nature in order to have a direct dialogue with the themes related to Laudato Si’ and Integral Ecology.