Baskinta, Saint Vincent Institut: the start of the new school year is a crucial time to lay solid foundations not only for academic learning, but also for environmental education. Under the aegis of the school project “Taking Care of Our Common Home”, the pupils have responded proactively to this call to action, implementing a series of initiatives to cultivate an ecological conscience within their school.

Waste Sorting: A First Step Towards Sustainability

One of the major initiatives undertaken by the pupils is the waste sorting process. This action anchors environmental responsibility at the very heart of their daily school life. Thanks to educational campaigns and appropriate collection systems, the pupils are actively involved in reducing waste and promoting more sustainable consumption.

Laudato Si: Awakening Consciousness through Spirituality

The Laudato Si Mass was a key moment when students had the opportunity to come together to reflect on their role as stewards of the earth. This celebration served as a platform for integrating spiritual values towards the environment, encouraging a deeper connection with nature and the school of St Francis of Assisi and an awareness of the importance of its preservation.

Learning in Nature: Explore, Learn, Respect

Learning in nature has opened new doors for students, offering an innovative pedagogical approach that promotes environmental education. By allowing students to explore and learn in direct contact with nature, this educational method has strengthened their understanding of ecosystems, while instilling a deep respect for our environment.

Paper Recycling: From Awareness to Tangible Action

One tangible action taken by the pupils was paper recycling. This simple but effective approach aims to reduce the school’s carbon footprint by reusing resources responsibly. Pupils took the initiative to give the paper a second life, underlining the importance of sustainability and recycling by using it as a Christmas card.

All these actions carried out by the pupils, in almost all the classes, illustrate a palpable commitment to the environment and testify to their desire to take care of our ‘Common House’. By combining their efforts, they are paving the way for a more holistic education, integrating the ecological values. These initiatives are not just one-off actions, but fundamental pillars for shaping responsible citizens who are aware of their impact on our planet.

Joelle, contact person for Laudato Si, Baskinta

Ecole Saint Vincent

Soeurs de la Charité Besançon

Baskinta – Liban