In Beskinta, in the Maronite diocese of Damascus, the Friends of St. Jeanne Antide of the St. Vincent-Baskinta school gathered to kick off Laudato Si’ week and walk together in the footsteps of St. Jeanne Antide.

Families, friends, teachers, sisters and parishioners joined them to reflect on key events in the life of St. Jeanne Antide during a procession through the village of Baskinta.

This beautiful day of sharing and meditation ended with a Mass celebrated in the midst of nature, at the end of which a fire was lit to symbolise the presence of the Holy Spirit and the seven gifts he offers us on the feast of Pentecost.

Participants were also offered a fragrant broth in memory of St Jeanne Antide, who offered a broth during her first mission 250 years ago in Besançon.