After many months dedicated to important works, on 23 May 2023 the extraordinary baroque jewel of the monastery church reopened its doors for a solemn liturgical celebration attended by the students and their families of the Regina Coeli Institute.

If it could speak, the church would tell of the solemn prayer of the Canonichesse Lateranensi who inhabited the monastery for two centuries, within which they spent their lives as Brides of Christ.

Of the two years of desolate abandonment due to the suppression of cloistered convents ordered by Joseph Bonaparte.

Of the arrival of the small group of French nuns, the Sisters of Charity of Besançon: brides of Christ and sisters of the poor.

Of the vociferousness of the girls from the working classes. Of the composed seriousness of the schoolgirls. Of the first male students admitted to classes.

And today, that church welcomed in its embrace teachers, children, families, people from the neighbourhood… to celebrate, in Saint Jeanne Antide, the extraordinary results of the encounter between the Holy Spirit and the lives of men and women.