A day in  Naples…A dream that comes true !

Walking in the roads where Jeanne-Antide has walked, touching the walls which sheltered the poor whom she loved to serve, praying in the room where she has prayed … is an unforgettable experience for me !

Yes, in front of the Crucifix of her room from where she drew her strength for her daily energy, I presented to God the big family of St. Jeanne-Antide, sisters and laity.

I thank God for giving me the occasion to live these strong moments of grace,   joy and  discovery.

 Hani Chattat AJA Province of Middle East

The discovery of Naples and the places where St. Jeanne-Antide (the roads, Regina Coeli, the hospital of the Incurables) has been an important moment and a grace for me. I was highly touched and invaded by this sensation to  find myself a little more in your history, to continue to feel more a friend of Jeanne-Antide.

I think of those who will never have the possibility to discover this place and to experience it. I pray, so that Jeanne-Antide might reach them in their life and that Jesus might guide them in the infinite tenderness of the Father.

Gwenale  Daniau AJA – France

The House of Naples is a marvellous place. For a friend of St. J.A. it’s important to know the first house which St. J.A. has founded, where she has prayed for the world which she loved so much.  One can truly feel over there  her real presence. She is there and waits for you with great friendship, gentleness and love, like a mother who waits for her children.   We find her spirit and her charism again in all the sisters there – Sr. Giulia, Sr. Bianca, Sr. Maria Grazia Chiesa – and the others.  As in all the eyes of the Sisters of Charity, we could also see in theirs, the love of St. J.A.  Sr. Bianca has been a very good guide for us. I was deeply impressed when we prayed in front of the tomb of Jeanne Antide and especially in her room.

There was a strong presence. We lived a fully spiritual day.

 Georgiana Dobrescu AJA – Romania