You are the vine, and we are the branches!

With God’s grace, the jubilee year is around the corner. It will unite the whole Church in prayer and in thanksgiving! We are called to “set out on a journey”, so that our entire life, our mission, our community life and our prayer may be transformed into a pilgrim. Hence, our contemporary world will grow in Hope that is sadly missing.

From the bull of indiction of the Jubilee:

«Pilgrimage is of course a fundamental element of every Jubilee even. Setting out on a journey I traditionally associated with our human quest for meaning in life. A pilgrimage on foot is a great aid for rediscovering the value of silence, effort and simplicity of life. Journeying from one country to another as if borders no longer mattered, and passing from one city to another in contemplating the beauty of creation and masterpieces of art, we learn to treasure the richness of different experiences and cultures, and are inspired to lift to lift up that beauty in prayer, to God, in thanksgiving for his wondrous works».