Published seven years ago, the encyclical Laudato Si’ continues to inspire many people of good will, including filmmaker Nicolas Brown. Supported by the Vatican and the Laudato Si’ movement, Brown is making a documentary, The Letter, which was released on YouTube Originals on Oct. 4.

It follows the journey of five people who are struggling with climate change:

  • Arouna Kaudé, a climate refugee from Senegal who represents the voice of the poor and marginalized,
  • Ridhima Pandey, a 13-year-old Indian teenager and activist for the voices of the younger generation,
  • Dada Odair, an indigenous leader from the Amazon who represents the voice of indigenous peoples,
  • Robin Martin and Greg Asner, two scientists from Hawaii who are the voice of nature and wildlife.

The film subtly and beautifully tells the story of the encyclical Laudato Si’, highlighting the power of humanity to slow the pace of the ecological crisis and its negative effects on life. It is appropriate for all of us engaged in the struggle for integral ecology to disseminate, see and comment on this film.
Is it not true that “seeing” the danger threatening our planet already means distancing ourselves from the “culture of indifference”?

To see the film, click here – The film is available with subtitles in English, Italian, Spanish, French and Portuguese.

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