The “Season of Creation 2023” (SoC), the ecumenical celebration held annually from Sept. 1 until Oct. 4, the feast of St. Francis of Assisi, begins today.

Pope Francis called it “an opportunity to cultivate our Ecological Conversion“… have you heard of it? (We leave some information, and we attach the Pope’s message at the bottom of the page).

This year the motto chosen isLet justice and peace flow inspired by the prophet Amos, who cries “But let justice roll on like a river, righteousness like a never-failing stream!” (Amos 5:24)

As God’s people, regardless of our faith, we must work together for the whole Creation, as part of that mighty river of peace and justice. Certain that our small action, which begins as a trickle of water, along with that of others, is becoming a stream and increasing its flow, to eventually become a great river that moves mountains, transforms slopes and brings life in abundance for all mankind.

It is a wonderful opportunity to experience communion, for which people were created, and to engage in the pursuit of lifestyles that build justice among people, enable everyone to enjoy the goods of the earth, and experience the joy of encounter and relationships that fill the heart.

Download the guide to the Celebration of the Season of Creation 2023

We are sure that each group has already prepared various prophetic actions on behalf of our Common Home, but there are three in which we want to converge as Sisters of Charity, as AJA Friends, and as the charismatic family of St. Jeanne Antide. It doesn’t matter where we live because, just like tributaries, we can come together to form a mighty river.

1. In order to renew our relationship with the Creator and pray together for our common Home:

a) propose a Laudato Si’ Mass during the SoC, if possible outdoors, including a prayer for Creation and a short quote from Laudato Si’ (see also attached beginning/closing agenda)

b) recite the proposed prayer intention for the morning and evening during the SoC period (click here to download the attachment)

2. In order to be strengthened in the eco-spirituality that flows from our charismatic sources, we hope to see each other at formative meeting, via zoom, the September 16, 2023, with all the Sisters of Charity Integral Ecology teams.

3. Called to repent of our ecological sins and to change our attitudes and actions, we want to engage in a common action, both at the individual and community level: reducing plastic consumption and trying to quantify the results.

Be sure to check the Season Of Creation website not only to learn about other ideas and campaigns, but also to register your events on the web.

We look forward to your photos and stories!

Download the floodgate offered by LIEI – Laboratory International Integral Ecology, by clicking here, or on the image below.