In the diocese of Termoli-Larino, at the Ecclesia Mater Centre, in preparation for the World Day of the Poor, the first of the training meetings for parish Caritas and diocesan Caritas volunteers was held.

Sister Paola G. and the sisters of the Termoli community led the prayer meeting and animated the day.

At the heart of the training was a moment of reflection on the theme of the Pope’s Message for the 7th World Day of the Poor:

“Do not turn your face away from anyone who is poor”.

Father Antonio Giannone, episcopal vicar for Integral Human Development, illustrated the Pope’s message by dwelling on the need to meet not only poverty, but the poor with their faces and stories.

He focused in particular on how to enter into communion with the poor and on the lack, which drives us to seek out the other, and which then generates the relationship based on listening, dialogue and action.

“Whoever lives all this”, said Father Antonio Giannone, “lives charity, which is the highest form of relationship”.

The working groups that followed the presentation of the Pope’s Message were an opportunity to verify one’s own voluntary service in a perspective of confrontation and sharing.

The Sisters of Charity and numerous volunteers provide their services at the Solidarity Canteen, showers for the homeless in the first-aid and welcome services, and in the animation of diocesan and parish volunteers.

We want to make our contribution, through prayer, reflection and works. So together with all our Caritas staff, we look forward to these two hours together, in which we will focus on the Lord’s Love for people who are suffering in a special way.

Father Antonio Giannone, Human Development Area diocese

Full video here.