The Provincial Superior of Central Africa at the Roman parish of St Joan Antida: during the precious occasion of World Mission Day, sister Paola shared her experience during Sunday Masses. In the framework of a double twinning: sister Paola’s native parish in Chad, in the capital N’djamena is also dedicated to Saint Jeanne Antide. And in January, the parish priest and some lay people from the Roman parish spent some time in some of the communities in Chad to build relations between the two realities, so distant geographically, but so close in their affection for Saint Jeanne Antiea. This is what parish priest Davide Lees wished to emphasise.

Sister Paola spoke of her mission, accompanying communities in the countries of Central Africa: Chad, Central African Republic, Cameroon, Congo, Gabon. Participants in the various Eucharistic celebrations were thus able to learn about the work of the sisters in hospitals, in schools, in welcoming children living on the streets.

Some sisters also work with prisoners, through catechesis and learning a profession. Others are engaged in the villages with women, who could not attend schools in the cities, offering them the opportunity to create work cooperatives. At the moment, a project is underway to build a school, big enough to accommodate many children.

Sister Paola concluded:

“This visit was a very beautiful thing for us, because we see that you not only send help for us, but you also send people to visit us, and this is a very great thing”.

Not only mission, but also synodality.

“I am also here in Rome to experience the Synod. We still count a lot on your prayers to conclude this experience well, which is very beautiful”.

The children and young people present at the 10.30 mass then donated to sister Paola N. the offerings collected in support of the mission. A beautiful and fraternal experience of exchange and mutual aid.