Alexandria and Cairo, Egypt; Ngaoundal, Cameroon; Kinshasa, Congo.

The Laudato Si’ Week projects promoted by the charismatic family of Sisters of Charity around the world keep coming.

This time we move to Africa.

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The SdC Center for Disabled Children in Alexandria, Egypt, through Sister Alaf, shares some photos of their planting and recycling project, which aims to instill in children a love of nature.

In Alexandria, as part of the interdisciplinary project, elementary school students participated in the competition held by COP27.

Download the PDF of their work by clicking here.


Mass celebration on the first day of Laudato Si’ Week at Sainte Anne School in Cairo.



In Cameroon, Saint Yves Parish in Ngaoundal, on the occasion of Laudato Si’ Week, the Sisters of Charity were busy organizing activities to raise awareness for the care of our Common Home.

Within the activities there was no lack of prayer dedicated to Laudato Si’ Week.

Also in Ngaoundal, the nun community has been busy cleaning up the corn-filled garden.



In Congo, Sister Reine raised awareness about recycling with more than 500 people.

This took place during a conference with more than 500 students and teachers at the St Augustin school complex in Kinshasa.

After the conference, we put what we learned into practice by picking up litter in the courtyard.