Jussara – Brazil: Celebrating the birthday of St. Jeanne Antida THOURET is always an emotional moment.
We had a Eucharistic celebration in which we commemorated the life of our beloved St. Jeanne Antida together with the parish community.
It was a time to thank God for the gift that is St. Jeanne Antida in our lives and in the group of friends of St. Jeanne Antida that we are walking as a movement of St. Jeanne Antida.
Seeing her life fills us with hope. The friends present in Brazil express : St Joan Antida is our guide, she shows us the way to follow Jesus. The “God Alone” of St. Jeanne Antida animates us to be courageous and creative women to love and serve Jesus in the poor.
The liturgical animation was provided by the group of Friends of St. Jeanne Antide THOURET.