Day of prayer, conviviality and planning for the coordination of the Friends of John Antida of the Central Africa Province: Cameroon, Gabon, Chad, Central African Republic, Democratic Republic of Congo.

Local AJA groups: the groups participate, deepen and live the charism in different ways according to the groups and according to the places… the groups meet to pray or to deepen the life and the charism of Jeanne Antide. Occasionally they accomplish actions of solidarity and voluntary work in an organised manner.

Yes, there is diversity … but they treasure the desire and the choice to live in their daily life the spirituality of Saint Jeanne Antide, not only for themselves, but in order to help in the growth of society, wherever we are present. To work in the world and in society with due respect at the service of the poor, today.

The integration of the groups of Friends of Jeanne Antide in the local Churches, enriches the visage of the Church according to the Lord’s desire, and through the communion of the charisms, even the Friends receive continuously new input.