Attention #DayforGrandparentsandtheElderly

Testimony of Sr. Anastasia from Regina Coeli – Italy (Video in Italian)

“For the community of Regina Coeli Naples.  I am having an experience with a group of young foreigners, they are really edifying me because of their attention, their interest in me.

One person told me that she had never been with the elderly and I said you are so prepared, I do it with my heart and she really does it with her heart with such delicacy, kindness and punctuality.

I thank the Lord who always calls even from distant lands to come to our land, Naples, where Saint Jeanne Antida gave her life and here she left Paradise but she remained and we Sisters of Charity at Regina Coeli feel her because she is present in this community and also all over the world!

I say Lord help the young girls always make them keep these feelings that they have in their hearts and by their example make motle other sisters arrive to continue the mission of Joan Antida!”